The Diocesan Museum of Ischia


Dearest  Brothers and Sisters,

May the Lord grant  you peace!
To all of you visiting our beautiful Island, I extend my warmest greetings and  a special welcome from the whole diocese of Ischia!
I wish all those who have chosen  to spend their holiday on this territory blessed by God, which is among the most beautiful of the peninsula, a time of serenity, peace and relaxation!
Holiday time is a good opportunity to take up your own lives, regain energy and vigour for a renewed passion for life, and , by so doing,  renew relations and ties with family and friends, which we often neglect or otherwise fail to nurture! Also to strengthen the relationship with God the holiday period may represent a good opportunity! My wish is that the days spent among us can contribute to all of this!
I hope that  you will feel at home in our churches! Our priests are at your disposal, ready to welcome and listen to those who want to meet them and our parish communities. They are more than happy to share the Bread of  Life with you, in the form of the Word and the Eucharist.
We thank you for choosing our island for your holidays! Your stay here as tourists in Ischia is a source of income and, therefore, a source of livelihood for many families! Furthermore, by coming among us you are helping us to develop the values ​​of hospitality, to grow in the virtue of benevolence and to lay the foundations for the construction of a new humanity! Finally, your presence helps us to become aware of the beauty of the creation that God has placed in our hands and to become guardians of the great gift and treasure of the same!
I extend my thoughts to the many workers in the tourism industry who, to ensure a pleasant stay on the island for all holiday makers, may have to undergo  really exhausting working hours this summer, many of  whom  will find it difficult to participate  in  Sunday Mass. My sincere wish for them is that they will all have a well deserved rest and  fair and transparent compensation!
I also greet those who, this year, will not have the opportunity to have a holiday, and to all those who will have to spend the summer out of work and living in extreme poverty! I assure all of them my special prayers!
I extend my very warm greetings and the blessing of  the Lord to all of you!

Happy Summer 2015!

XIII Anniversary of the Pastoral visit of John Paul II to the island of Ischia

Ischia, May 5, 2013
+ Pietro Lagnese
Bishop of Ischia

The Diocesan Museum of Ischia is divided into two sections. The first section is dedicated to religious art and it displays marble sculptures, paintings and silver artefacts coming from the churches of the Diocese. The archaeology section is part of the Santa Restituta Basilica complex in Lacco Ameno.

This is a great example of how an archaeological excavation site was enhanced and transformed into a museum that depicts the story of the colony of Pithecusae from ancient history to the Middle Age.

Religious art section: open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 am to 1pm

Archaeology section closed

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